Has it ever been a dream of yours to have the opportunity to dine in the top Michelin restaurants? I’m pretty sure at some point in your life, it has been a fascinating thing to just grab a reservation on a fancy Michelin restaurant and tell the waiter the wine you want to pair that fancy dinner with. However, if you are a newbie in the world of wine, let me assist you on the basics of how you will be choosing that first good bottle of wine. 

Just a heads up, there is really no perfect wine for the general mob because just like how beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a good wine is just as subjective. Every person has a unique preference but the basics will help you determine the wine you’ll soon call the best. 

What are the basics? 

1. Sweetness Label: Wines are labeled sweet, sometimes semi-sweet and sometime dry. Just take note that if you will choose dry just because you’re trying your luck that the most different will be have the best taste, I tell you, dry means nowhere near sweet. 

2. Acidity Level: A wine that is more acidic will have a tart taste, however if it is less acidic, the taste is considered to be round or rich. 

3. Body Characteristic: The body is a wine characteristic whether it is considered light in your mouth or heavy in your mouth. Most often, red wines have been considered to have a fuller body in comparison to a white one. Moreover, wines that are produced in the warmer areas are also considered fuller compared to the ones in areas that are cooler. 

4. Alcohol Content: If you feel your throat burn, chances are you are holding a glass of wine with a high amount of alcohol. Wines can have an alcohol content which percentage of alcohol by volume is 11 percent to 13 percent, however it can always go up till 20 percent. 

5. Smell:  The smell of your wine tells you if you have a good glass of wine on your hand or something that could ruin your wine experience. If you smell your wine and it gives off a floral or fruity scent, then you’re up to a god start else, pour that wine down your sink or ruin your day. 

6. Balance: Your wine is considered balance when a certain taste or smell does not stand out. You will eventually know if you have an acidic wine in your hand if it can make you tear up a bit. So if ever you taste freshness when you take a sip, you’re having the right start to wine collection in the near future. 

7. Depth of Flavor: You will know if a wine is considered as having a deep flavor if it contrasts the taste of different dishes you’re having as a meal. If you are noticing this, then the wine you’re holding is up on that list of good wines. 

8. Finish: As the word means a wine’s finish should have an opposite meaning. A wine with good finish should give you a lasting impression. If ever you don’t taste anything anymore after the sip, then you should think twice on that bottle you got. 

These are just the basics of wine tasting, however if you are in a search of the right people to help you get started on that wine collection, McLaren Vale wineries has got you covered. Check them out through vinoandbeyond.com.au for more details!